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Multimeter Automotive -Temp & Hold

This multimeter not only serves as a standard multimeter, but also provides a host of functions for servicing automobiles. It is perfect for the auto mechanic as well as those who regularly service and fix their own cars. It is an invaluable tool for keeping your car in top tune, general auto electric tasks and troubleshooting problems with ignition, fuel injection etc. Supplied with quality test leads, temperature probe and inductive pickup (for RPM and pulse width measurements). Case has a rubberised finish for added durability. Suitable for all engines from 2 to 10 cylinders, both 2 and 4 stroke.
Suits 2 & 4 stroke motors
RPM for 2 to 10 cylinders
Dwell angle measurement
Duty cycle percentage count
Pulse width timing
Temperature measurement
Frequency to 9.99MHz
Capacitance to 100µF
Resistance to 40MΩ
AC/DC voltage to 600V
AC/DC current to 10A
Data hold
Auto power off
Continuity buzzer
Overload protection
Battery included
DC voltage:400mV, 4V, 40V, 400V, 600V
AC voltage:400mV, 4V, 40V, 400V, 600V
DC current:400µA, 4000µA, 40mA, 400mA, 4A, 10A
AC current:400µA, 4000µA, 40mA, 400mA, 4A, 10A
Resistance:400Ω, 4kΩ, 40kΩ, 400kΩ, 4MΩ, 40MΩ
Capacitance:40nF, 400nF, 4µf, 40µf, 100µf
Continuity test:Threshold 30?
Temperature:-20°C to 760°C
600-12000 (x10 rpm)
Dwell angle:2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10
Duty cycle:0.1-99.9%
Pulse width:0.1˜10ms
Display:3.5 digit, 4000 count
Protection:200mA fused on all inputs
except 10A range
Dimensions:˜ 92W x 38D x 195H mm

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