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20A 24 VDC to 13.8V DC Converter

Perfect for powering a huge range of 12V automotive appliances from a 24V battery bank. This device converts 24VDC to 13.8V DC at a massive 20 amps! Suitable for use with stereos, CB radios, lighting etc in trucks, buses, cars or boats. 24V input wiring connects via screw terminals, 13.8V output connects via binding posts.

• Overload protection
• Over-current protection
• Rated at 20 amps continuous, 25 amps peak
• On / Off power switch
• Fused
• Extremely compact and rugged
• Quality construction
• High efficiency

Output Voltage: 13.8V DC
Current rating: 20A
Line Regulation: <20mV
Efficiency: >89%
Ripple: <20mV p-p
Dimensions: 210 x 55 x 160mm (L x H x W)

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