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Sound Pressure Level Meter

A must for the serious audio installer or enthusiast. This quality sound pressure level meter gives a digital readout of the ambient noise level at its microphone. Features two
ranges: Low (35 to 100dB) and High (65 to 130dB), with two built-in weighting curves. A and C weighting. Response can be switched between slow or fast. Features a
max hold switch, which displays the highest reading attained. With protective carry case and mic wind screen. Supplied with protective carry case.

Ranges:Lo: 35 - 100dB
Hi: 65 - 130dB
Freq. range:31.5Hz - 8000Hz
Dynamic range:55dB
Freq. weighting:A & C
Microphone:Electret condenser
Dimensions:210H x 55W x 32D mm

Your Price:A$180.00