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Digital Lux Meter with Hold Function

This digital light meter measures ambient light level. It comprises of two parts. The photosensor and the main handheld meter with display connected via an extendable (500mm) curly cord. It has 3 ranges; 2000, 20000 and 50000 lux, and has a hold switch to freeze the display at the last reading taken. Supplied in a vinyl carry case and includes a protective cover for the photosensor. Perfect for assessing light levels when installing CCTV systems, designing office lighting layouts and photography.
Lux Range: 1-50000Lux
Lux:2000, 20000, 50000 Lux
Accuracy:5% ± 2 digits
Spectrum:500 to 630nm (>80% efficiency)
Sampling time:0.4 secs
Display:18mm LCD
Power:9V battery

Your Price:A$90.00