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30V 5A Regulated Power Supply

Including both variable output voltage and current this bench power supply is an ideal addition to any work bench. Voltage is fully variable from 0 – 30V on the main terminals, plus auxiliary outputs of fixed 12V and 5V at 0.5A are also provided. The output current can be set as desired up to 5A. If the load tries to draw more than the value selected, the power supply will shutdown. This is a very useful function as it can prevent damage to the load. Great for R+D, workshops, repair centres, etc.
• 0 to 30V @ 0 to 5A output
• Regulated variable output voltage
• Auxiliary fixed outputs of 5V & 12V @ 0.5A
• Variable current limiting
• Digital LCD meters
• Overload & short circuit protected
• Floating outputs
• Extremely low ripple & noise
• Excellent regulation
Voltage Output: 0 to 30V DC adjustable @ 0-5A
Auxillary outputs: Fixed 12 Volt DC Auxiliary @ 0.5A, Fixed 5 Volt DC Auxiliary @ 0.5A
Output Current: Variable 0 to 5A on main, 500mA max fixed rails
Ripple & Noise: Less than 5mV
Load Regulation: 30mV +- 10%
Display: Twin LCD meters for Volts & Amps output
Mains: Fuse 2A
Dimensions: 205W x 115H x 280D mm
Net Weight: 6 kg

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