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Power Supply Dual Tracking 0-30V

Fundamentally this unit comprises two separate, fully isolated 0 - 30V, 0 - 3A power supplies in one enclosure, plus an auxiliary 1.5 - 6V, 5A output. Three modes of operation. Normal - main power supplies operate independently. Series - doubles the output voltage at a given current (ie 60V, 3A max). Parallel - doubles the current output at a given voltage (ie 30V, 6A max). When operating in series or parallel mode, both 0 - 30V outputs “track” each other.
• Dual 0 to 30V @ 0 to 3A supplies
• Dual tracking - series or parallel operation
• Auxiliary 1.5 - 6V @ 5A output for logic circuits
• High precision four digit LED meters for each supply
• Overload & short circuit protected
• Floating outputs
• Extremely low ripple & noise
• Excellent regulation
• Variable current limiting
Voltage output: 2 x 0 to 30V @ 0-3A
Auxillary outputs: 1.5 to 6V @ 0-5A
Output current: Adj 0 to 6A in parallel mode, 5A max auxiliary
Ripple & noise: Less than 1mV
Load regulation: < 300mV
Apprx. Size(WxHxD): 379 x 135 x 280 mm
Net weight: 12kg

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