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25A - 3 to 15V Benchtop Power Supply

Boasting a massive 25A this power supply is ideal for testing 2 way radios, car stereos, high power RF transmitters, inverters and the like. The output voltage can either be fixed at 13.8V or fully variable from 3 – 15V via the front panel control. When in the fixed 13.8V mode; the front panel control is disabled. It incorporates switchmode circuitry eliminating the need for a bulky, heavy mains transformer. Digital panel meters are included for both output voltage and current, thus keeping weight and size to a minimum. Perfect for test bench, service centres etc.

*Note current stock is black in colour.
• 3 to 15V @ 25A output
• Regulated variable output voltage or fixed 13.8V (selectable)
• Digital LED meters
• Overload & short circuit protected
• Extremely low ripple & noise
• Excellent regulation
• Highly efficient switchmode design
Voltage Output: 3 to 15V DC adj. @ 0-25A
Auxiliary Outputs: NA
Ripple & Noise: Less than 5mV
Line Regulation: 50mV ±10%
Load Regulation: 200mV 0-100% Load
Display: Twin LCD meters
Dimensions: 220W x 110H x 220L mm
Net Weight: 3.2kg

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