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Switchmode Power Supply 40W 24V

Switchmode power supplies offer several significant advantages over traditional linear transformer power supplies.They are far more efficient than their linear counterparts. As they do not use power or mains transformers the equivalent power supply weighs considerably less than traditional types. Physical size is also reduced. Though the power supplies are supplied in a vented steel cabinet they must be installed within a secondary earthed cabinet as the 240V input terminals are exposed.
Screw terminals for inputs and outputs
Wide operating input voltage 90 – 264VAC, 47 – 63Hz
Excellent output regulation from no load to full load
High efficiency
Overload and short circuit protection
Inbuilt EMI filter to reduce noise radiation
EMC approved
Input range: 90-264V AC
Frequency: 47-63Hz
In rush current: 30A typical cold start
Efficiency: 65-80% at full load
Line regulation: ±0.5%

Max power: 40W
Output current: 1.66A
Ripple/noise: ±1% max

Dimensions: 129W x 98D x 38H

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