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Micron® Autoranging DMM

Featuring large, easy to read 20mm digits, this quality mini auto ranging meter is ideal for mobile technicians, installers or enthusiasts who want excellent performance and functions at an affordable price. Supplied with test leads, rubber holster and K-type temperature probe.
• Manual override of auto-ranging
• Range hold & data hold
• Auto power off
• Temperature measurement (probe included)
• Continuity buzzer
• Diode tester
• Frequency 1Hz - 30MHz
• Battery included
• Cat II 600V
AC Voltage: 4V, 40V, 400V, 600V
DC Voltage: 400mV, 4V, 40V, 400V, 600V
Current: 400μA, 4000μA, 40mA, 400mA, 10A
Ohms: 400 Ohm, 4k Ohm, 40k Ohm, 400k Ohm, 4M Ohm, 40M Ohm
Temperature: -20°C to 1000°C
Frequency range: 1Hz to 30MHz
Continuity: Included
Capacitance: 4nF, 40nF, 400nF, 4μF, 40μF, 100μF
Diode test: Included
Display: 3.75 digit LCD, 3999 count
Protection: 10A M205 fuse on 10A
Dimensions: ≈ 74W x 36D x 145H mm

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