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Solder-Pro 180 Multifunction Gas Tool

Throw away those messy extension leads, the Solderpro 180 is a new generation in cordless gas tools ready to go anywhere, anytime!

It's the ultimate tool for techies, sparkies, auto electricians etc. Rated at a huge 185W it's capable of temperatures of up to 550°C, to handle the biggest jobs effortlessly. That's not all, by simply removing the tip the Solderpro 180 instantly turns into a whopping 1300°C blow torch for brazing and heat shrinking. Incredibly easy to use with simple one click piezo ignition and thumbwheel gas adjustment. It is powered by a unique refillable cartridge which lasts about 1.5 hours (on mid setting). No need to carry a can of gas when you go on the job anymore, just put a spare cartridge in your pocket and you're in business! Supplied with two cartridges.
important Note On Butane Gas
We recommend the use of high quality Iroda butane gas for use in all Iroda gas powered products. Inferior or lower grade butane may contain a higher level of impurities which will block the internal microscopic filters faster causing intermittent or complete failure.
• Easy start and reliable piezo ignition
• Stays hot after initial ignition
• Gas and air flame adjustments
• Up to 550°C soldering tip temperature
• Up to 1300°C blow torch temperature
• Blow torch tip included
• Self standing
• Unique refillable butane cartridge system
• Easy gas flow adjustment
• Supplied with 7mm chisel tip
• Automotive and truck repair
• Aviation service and repairs
• Heavy guage wire soldering
• On site repairs
• Industrial cable repairs and installations
• Brazing capability up to 550 degrees C
• Heatshrinking
• Wide range of home repairs
• Ideal for travelling servicepersons

For filter cleaning please use T 3035 Isopropyl Alcohol solution

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