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Iroda Max Gas Pro-Torch Head

The Maxi “Pro-Torch” is the highest output blow torch available in the Altronics range. It utilises high capacity 220g butane canisters to provide a powerful wind resistant flame. An adjustable regulator provides the flexibility to choose a gentle orange flame or 1350°C blue jet. Ideal for brazing, soldering, plumbing, industrial maintenance, heatshrinking & model making. A click of the “one-touch” piezo ignition provides quick startup every time.

Note: Picture shown with gas canister fitted. Gas sold separately.

T 2455 Gasmate® 4 pack of gas to suit. Note: these gas canisters are not compatible with any other Iroda® gas product.
• One-click piezo ignition
• Rotary gas volume adjustment
• Wind resistant flame
• Hand protection plate
• Utilises standard butane canisters with mounting plate
• Robust construction for every day professional use.

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